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18 Eylül 2000 ,Pazartesi
+90 232 435 05 86
+90 232 435 05 56
Bayraklı / İzmir
1587/1 sok, No: 8, Kat: 7, Oda: 702, Rod Kar 2 İş Merkezi Bayraklı, İzmir, TÜRKİYE
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Firma İş Konusu

As Avrasya Yapi Denetim A.S. we are here to help everyone to comply with regulations and legislations in construction projects, to make people live in healthier, stronger buildings. We believe we are one of the best companies in this field in Turkey, and we do invite you to work with us. We believe in leading the way with our vision to establish partnerships with financial, technical and administrative institutions in the national and international arena in order to provide pioneering services.

Service Quality

Most of our customers choose to work with us again on succeeding projects. This is the most important indicator of our service quality. We have a TUV ISO 2001 Quality Management System in effect. We do continously revisit our practices and try to improve them where necessary.

Organizational Structure

Building controlling services are provided under a license from the Ministry of City and Environment in Turkey. Current license requires the controlling bodies board and shareholders to be composed of architects and civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers only.


Avrasya Yapı Denetim A.Ş. is established in 2002 to provide high quality consultancy services, building and project controlling, site inspections and safety services in compliance with the Turkish legislations and regulations of the Ministry of City and Environment. The initial license was provided by The Ministry of Public Works and Settlement in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish law 4708 on construction controlling.

Financial Structure

The strength and stability of the building control sector in Turkey is directly related to the regulations and service quality level of companies. The Ministry provides base prices for services. As of April 2013, the base price is 1.5% of the total construction cost. Avrasya A.S. is an anonymously owned private body with a paid capital of approximately 1 Million USD.

Offices, Vehicles, Equipment

With more than 16.000 m2 total office space we have the largest dedicated technical solution center in the region. Everyday hundreds of engineers and architects visit us for project inspections, consultancy or resolutions. With approximately 50 vehicles we pay daily visits construction sites and engineering companies. We have more than 20 accredidated measurement devices suitable for detailed inspections and industrial level energy audits.

Human Resources

Technical personnel of Avrasya are regularly trained regarding the changes in legal framework, best practices at project and construction sites, technical advencements and contractor relations. Architects, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers are certified by the Ministry of City and Environment. They also must be present at trainings held by their respective chambers to keep their certificates valid.

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